Our high impact social media playbooks and AdTech
deliver large volumes of Leads, Appointments & Sales.

“I gained 52 incremental units in 3 months”

-Hyundai Dealer

Powerful Alone or Stacked Together
for Record-Breaking Results!

CLIKdata’s social selling stack is the perfect blend of data, AdTech, and high-performance sales & service playbooks for a dealerships’ automotive marketing

Facebook+ Event for Automotive Marketing

Flood your dealership with high-quality appointments and sell 40, 50, 60 plus units in 7 days!

CLIKdata Social Hub

Increase sales and service revenue with Facebook Inventory, Marketplace, and Service ads while reducing ad spend.

Enhanced Email

Build better campaigns with over 750 data selects to help laser target your marketing and improve ROI.

Dealer Data Optimization

Turn your dead, lost, and inactive CRM data into new monthly sales & service RO’s.

We turn clicks and digital noise into meaningful conversations that sell cars

All our automotive marketing and social selling sales funnels lead back to our live BDC aka “Human Conversion Machine” that sets a steady stream of appointments with shoppers that can fog a mirror and purchase a vehicle 7 days a week from 7-11 pm!

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Pack 4 weeks of sales into 7 days!

CLIKdata’s Facebook+ Event delivers real people who can fog a mirror and buy your cars. This 7-day high impact Social Media blitz helps you move more high-grossing units in a weekend than most dealerships move in a whole month!

  • Proprietary data set

  • High impact targeted ads

  • Instant BDC engagement

  • Follow up Calls, Texts, and Messenger

  • On-site Event Specialist

  • Large volume of high-quality appointments


Sell More Units With Facebook Inventory, Marketplace & Service Ads

Our proprietary Adtech delivers dynamic one to one new and used inventory ads to low funnel shoppers based on their shopping behavior tracked across thousands of websites, apps, competitor websites, and even 3rd party endemic sites, i.e. Autotrader, while “in session” on  Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Marketplace.

These behavioral targeted dynamic one-to-one new and used lead-gen ads push a steady stream of high converting prospects directly into CRM ready to close!

Plus with our AdTech delivering exact VIN retargeting and the first-ever CLIK-2-Marketplace-VDP “in Facebook” will be a quantum leap for your dealership’s social selling strategy, effectiveness, and the true path to incremental sales and service growth.

  • CLIK-2 on-Facebook VDP’s

  • First party traffic/leads

  • Identify low funnel shoppers

  • Reduce ad spend

  • VIN specific leads

  • High lead to conversion ratios

  • Access to exclusive in-market data

  • Increase unit sales and service revenue


Send engaging emails across multiple devices

Boost your engagement, car sales and service RO’s with an enhanced email campaign from CLIKdata. Don’t stress over monthly sales goals. Take advantage of a custom campaign and the perfect amount of enhanced emails to drive quality traffic to your website and showroom.

  • No Bots Guarantee

  • Enhanced emails blended with in-app targeting

  • Custom OEM co-op approved creative

  • Suppression of your current customers

  • ROI and KPI reporting

  • Sales match reporting

  • Dedicated Account Service

Find out how many Automotive Shoppers you can reach right now.


Turns your non-performing CRM data assets into a windfall of sales

Dealer Data Optimization (DDO) reconnects your dealership with lost prospects who once showed interest in your dealership and are now back in-market! Merely applying the CLIKdata multi-point hygiene and append process to your CRM data gives it the CLEANSING and REFRESH that taps you back into an unlimited source of monthly new sales and service RO’s.

  • CLIKdata DDO solves the problem of old, dirty, and unusable CRM data

  • Optimizes the data from your CRM and make it actionable again

  • Re-engage with lost prospects

  • Generate monthly sales and service business

  • Use the data for evergreen marketing

Calculate how much bad CRM data is costing you

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