Social Hub's all-in-one (AIO) campaigns help you 10x your traffic, leads, appointments, and sales

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The world’s only ALL-IN-ONE Facebook Event, Inventory, Marketplace & Service Ads solution from the leader in automotive social media advertising.

Using a  proprietary combination of powerful Adtech, big data, and dynamic playbooks to connect and deliver one-to-one new and used inventory ads to engage and convert low funnel VIN-specific shoppers.

Social Hub On-Facebook destinations playbooks help you beat the iOS change 

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Increase unit sales and service revenue

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First party traffic/leads

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Retain in-market audience in Facebook

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Target low funnel shoppers

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Reduce ad spend

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VIN specific leads

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High lead to conversion ratios

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Access to exclusive in-market data

Turnkey Playbooks

Social Hub offers a proven, tested library of Playbooks for Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns.

With 36 AIA, Marketplace, Event, and Service Playbooks to give you proven creative ad sets that reach EVERY segment of automotive shoppers that exist.

OEM Branding
Buyback Acquisition
Service Playbooks
Facebook Event Retargeting Playbook
Automotive Inventory Playbook
All Inventory on Facebook Playbook

Conversion Funnels Include

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Automotive Inventory Ads (On or Off Facebook)

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OEM Branding All Makes

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OEM Service All Makes

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Buyback Acquisition

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VIN Specific Retargeting

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Lead Gen Targeting

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Facebook Full Funnel
  • Dynamically create Facebook and Instagram ads-at-scale.

  • Target and display to in-market shoppers in your PMA.

  • Receive a steady stream of leads from shoppers who have shown interest by clicking on the ad!

Precise Retargeting Yields More Sales

Shopper match and personalization drive the behavior-based dynamic ads that retarget low funnel shoppers on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. 

This dramatically reduces ad spend and increases your VIN-specific leads which typically are the highest converting leads at dealerships today. 

We track website shoppers and behavior throughout 1,000’s of sites including your competitors, third-party lead providers sites,  and your VDP pages.

Shopper Match & Personalization

Personal Shopper

Shoppers Sent To Dealers
On-Facebook VDP

Retargeting Shoppers

Gives users a seamless VDP shopping experience that also combats the iOS change!

Steady Lead Flow

All ON and OFF Facebook leads from your Dynamic Inventory Ads are sent directly into your CRM in real-time allowing for fast and easy follow-up that result in sales.

VIN Specific Lead Capture

Attribution & Reporting

All Social Hub AIO programs come with best-in-class KPI’s, Attribution, and Sales Match back reporting.

Track ad performance down to the penny and gain crystal clear insights on direct unit sales and important funnel statistics.

Attribution and Reporting

You Sell Cars…We Handle The Rest

With Social Hub, you can rest assured that your social media marketing campaign is being managed by senior-level account managers. You won’t have to worry about getting bogged down in the details and time-consuming work to manage Facebook ads-at-scale.

As a Social Hub dealer partner, you get our team, and AdTech to take care of everything for you and eliminate the brain damage. 

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Grow Your Results Fast With Social Media Campaigns That Convert

As you may have gathered by now Social Hub AIO is a Dealers only ALL-IN-ONE Facebook Inventory, Marketplace, and Service ads solution.

If you want real evidence-based results and a marketing services partner that empowers your managers to focus on selling and converting high-quality traffic and leads…Then our Facebook ads-at-scale solution is for you.

Let’s take a deeper dive and show you how exactly this marketing machine can be live and growing your results in just 7 days!

CLIKdata Inventory
Social Hub AIO Testinonials

“We started with Social Hub just over 12 months ago and went from 33 units per month and 7th in the region to over 150 units and 2nd in the region.”

-Tony Pappas

Dealer Principal, Platinum Hyundai

“The first question I always ask is will it sell cars? Social Hub has consistently done just that! Plus, it’s been one of the only programs that continue to grow leads, chats, appointments, and sales incrementally month after month.”

-Hannah Gordon

GM, Chuck Stevens Chevrolet